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"As a gardener I have always dreamed of creating a range of garden tools and accessories. I believe that tools should be functional and beautiful, and make each job a pleasure.

One of the problems I face as a women when gardening is that my hands are generally too small for standard tools. My designs specifically address this issue and I hope will add to the joy of gardening.

The better the tools, the easier the job."

Weeder - Sophie Conran

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  •  Our unique three-pronged weeder is especially good at tackling those devilish weeds that regrow if you leave in any of the roots. Simply hold the weed in one hand, submerge the prongs around the roots of the plant and twist to remove the offending intruder with all its roots.
    The weeder comes in a beautiful box ready to make a perfect gift for keen gardener.

    Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Collection.
    Materials: stainless steel, solid brass ferrule and natural beech handle.
    Weeder measurements excluding handle: Length - 24.5cm, Width - 2.5cm
    Wipe down with a warm soapy cloth after use, do not soak in water.

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