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"As a gardener I have always dreamed of creating a range of garden tools and accessories. I believe that tools should be functional and beautiful, and make each job a pleasure.

One of the problems I face as a women when gardening is that my hands are generally too small for standard tools. My designs specifically address this issue and I hope will add to the joy of gardening.

The better the tools, the easier the job."

Garden Hand Rake - Sophie Conran

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  •  Our hand rake is perfectly sized to fit between plants and under bushes to collect leaves and debris. The springy tines are curled up at the ends so that they don't damage emerging new shoots and gather, rather than stab the leaves, which means you can spend more time raking and less time picking leaves off the rake.
    The rake comes in a beautiful box ready to gift.

    Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball

    Material: stainless steel, solid brass ferrule and natural beech handle.

    Dimensions (including handle): Length - 35.5cm, Width - 9.5cm.

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