Willunga Slate (our main source of stone)
Willunga Slate is our main source of natural stone. We work this quarry 1.5 days a week. The slate that we excavate comes out in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. We are privileged to be able to excavate, split and hand pick the stone that we use in peoples gardens. The quarry is a beautiful place and we love working there.
Excavating Slate

Building steps with big bits of slate

Splitting off the slate

Working on machinery

View of Willunga Slate

The Willunga Slate Quarry mid winter

The beauty of slate

Peeling off lumps

Patterns on slate

Exploring the slate quarry

Excavating the face

Beauty of the quarry

A big lump of slate

Lifting a weighbridge

Towing slate

Slate birdbath

Pulling out slate

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